What to look for in a Top Nail Lounge in Dubai?

Be it socialites, housewives, supermodels or a fashion editor, every woman is always on a hunt for the perfect nail lounge. There is just something about getting your nails done that not only excites the female mind but also empowers them for the day ahead.

With over 20 dozen nail lounges and nail bars in Dubai it is only fitting that a certain criteria must be kept in mind before we can settle on investing our time, money and nails into one establishment. There is plenty of debate about which salon offers the best manicure and pedicure in the city. And with the competitive pricing as compared to other fashion hubs around the world like London, Milan, New York and Paris, mani-pedis are just one of the many services that Dubai offers like none other.

Before you tag a specific nail lounge or a beauty bar as your favorite nail destination, run through the following given criterion and make an informed decision.

The very first thing that should stand out is the ambience of the nail lounge which should not be chaotic in any aspect and preferably unpretentious. The place should feel inviting and permit to have fun while you get your nails done with your girlfriends.

Another aspect which most women fail to notice is the seat comfort; after all you will be sitting down for the service. A top quality nail lounge in Dubai will offer super-comfy, plush sofas with more or less a television faced at the right angle.

The staff in question must be soft spoken in words and in approach. The best nail destination in this city will host an experienced staff that is not only helpful in nature but also stands by customer confidentiality.

A top quality nail lounge in Dubai will offer you a diverse range of services and all top brands in the market. They will not only offer qualified nail technicians but also suggestions and consultation keeping in view your beauty needs and your lifestyle.

The quality of a manicure and a pedicure of course counts the most when it comes to selecting a nail lounge. How good were they able to understand your requirements? Were they able to give you the desired results? Was the longevity of the polish as per your necessity? How long before it chipped? All these questions must be taken into consideration before you make your next appointment.

Selected salons today offer a list of all their services online and appointment details for your ease. This is a definite sign of the care and quality they maintain with their clientele. If you are in the middle of scouting for the city’s top nail destination, we suggest you go the web.

The best nail salon in Dubai will not hold back from sharing photographs of their nail lounge and you will know what to expect before you visit the location. Give your cuticles the care they deserve and find a salon that suits your needs. With Yas Beauty Spa’s Nail Lounge, we hope to offer you all the above and more.