What to look for in a Good Spa in Dubai?

Are looking for a quintessential beauty and day spa experience under the harsh sun of UAE? A health and beauty spa is just not about beautiful rooms with a line of saunas. It’s an experience that can last a lifetime. With a range of beauty and day spas in Dubai, you certainly need to take care of a few things before you can go about selecting a spa best suited to your needs.

When it comes to picking out the perfect spa day, you need to be a little snobbish with your choices, after all you are paying for a much deserved break and you deserve nothing but the best.

Things to look for in a good spa in Dubai:

1. The number one characteristic of a good spa experience in Dubai involves a professional, clearly dressed and courteous staff. You should be able to feel the ‘welcome’ in their approach, communication and services. The staff should not assume anything about their client based on appearance, and should be ready to assist/serve/answer questions, and never forget that you paid to be treated like royalty and deserve to be treated like royalty.

2. Punctuality like in all other walks of life is also important to a good spa. The therapists at the spa should start on time and entertain your needs as per your appointment. Nobody likes to wait around to start their day of relaxation!

3. Another practice held by any good spa is making sure they know their client’s health/skin-care routine. A good spa in Dubai will house estheticians and massage therapists who study your home routines, offer suggestions and allow you to make an informed decision before you choose your products for your day in the spa.

4. High maintenance and attention to detail is very important to a good spa experience. The environment should be clean, pleasant and relaxing. Leaks, stains, dust, dead plants, ratty towels, empty toilet paper rolls do not give out a good message. Ask for a tour of the spa before you book your appointment to make sure the spa is satisfying and sanitary.


5. Any good spa in Dubai will make certain there is no size-discrimination in robes/tables/tubs/slippers, no mismatched slippers and certainly no loud noise through the house speakers.

6. Remember the most expensive spas are not entirely the best always, so invest your day on word of mouth. Look for a spa that your friend or mom has enjoyed and give their choice a chance.

7. The best possible method to look for a good spa in Dubai is to head online. Their online presence, the official website, photo galleries will tell you exactly what to expect. And online is also the best place to catch special discounts, seasonal packages and last-minute offers.

For the ideal beauty and day spa experience, make an appointment with Yas Beauty Spa and you will find all the above mentioned attributes housed under one roof.