The Best Couple Massage in Dubai

Looking forward to spending some quality time with your significant other?

In the last few years the idea of adventure for couples has reformed and today you can find many romantic escapades within four walls of comfort that carry their own adrenalin rush. Couples massage is a popular treatment when it comes to spas in Dubai, they offer a chance to reconnect and relax with your special someone be it your spouse, your best friend or your girlfriend.

The basic concept is to provide a separate suite to the couple with two different massage therapists while creating an environment that is both rejuvenating and romantic. Many spas offer this but the most sought after service will definitely leave you feeling like a new you.

If you and your partner a planning to get couples massage over the weekend, here is what you need to look for:

Space and Accommodations – The best kind of couple massage offered by a top spa in Dubai will definitely provide a large room that can easily accommodate two massage tables used for this purpose without feeling crowded. Additional facilities like fireplaces, steam showers, loveseat and pedicure chairs are always a sign to the A class service of the spa.

Environment – Like with any other regular massage, a top notch couples massage service will offer a serene environment. Light, soothing music should always be an option available to the clients. Candles, romantically lit couples’ room, fragrant oils, complimentary cocktails can assure you the service is nothing but the best in town. Also make sure the couples’ suite is devoid of any outside noise, buzzing of other customers can affect the entire mood.

Staff and Customer Management – Any good spa will only employ the most qualified, experienced and polite staff. You should be able to feel the welcome in their attitude and you should not feel rushed with your treatment. The aftercare the service offers also matters, take notice of how the staff behaves with the clients and how helpful they are in their approach.

Time vs. Money – There are many spas in the UAE that offer this service but they come with veiled catches. A well-reputed spa will not cut short your massage duration in comparison to what you paid for. They will not push you for products they market and will be open to suggestions and requests.

A couples massage has been proven to increase comfort levels between partners. A girlfriend will perhaps feel more encouraged to let her hair down and relax in the presence of her man. Mothers and daughters can take the time out from their everyday routine and bond over a relaxing experience. Or two girlfriends can get together for all the hottest gossip of the town. In a nutshell if you are looking for a top-quality couples massage in Dubai then don’t forget to keep the above mentioned criterion in your mind.

Enjoy a soothing couples massage or one of our many treatments with your significant other at Yas Beauty Spa and take home an unforgettable experience.