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ESSIE an American nail expert since 1981, Essie stands today as a collection of premium 200 colors. Essie offers you cute names with chip resistant and high durability quality. The Essie Nail Varnish Range is kept fresh with new colors release regularly and we house every collection that unveils according to the season. Apart from the fresh colors for Essie’s diverse range we also offer nail strengtheners and top coat and the Nail Corrector, an innovative pen to quickly and easily remove excess nail polish.



Hairdreams is appropriately tagged at the art of hair extensions and all of our customers agree. Hairdreams offers an international standard for hair lengthening and thickening systems. With Hairdreams we promise you faultless hair quality during the entire wearing period. Its popularity has spread across the globe with countless top stylists in metropolises such as Milan, Paris, or New York who suggest style celebrities, actresses, singers and models with hair from Hairdreams.



Yas Beauty Spa offers you the technological breakthrough from L’Oreal Advanced Research, skin methamorphosis by Thalgo La Beaute Marine. Giving your skin the transformation of days, months, and years in just record time, a new dimension to skincare, Thalgo is an in-house treatment with promise results. With this skincare line you will reveal the true beauty of your skin and bring it back in years in terms of lift and strength. Yas promises a relaxing and rejuvenating session each time with Thalgo.



Yas Beauty Spa caters to not only female clients but also to our growing men clientele. In this regard we have stocked our spa and beauty salon with a wide range of products form RedKen for Men from New York. Product that can help you look and feel your best keeping in view the demands of rough and touch male skin and lifestyle.



L’Oreal is known to everyone as a world beauty leader when it comes to skin, nail or hair care. L’Oreal has been known to generate countless of formulations and technologies in the science of beauty, committed to bringing only the best to the people around the globe. At Yas Beauty Spa we only use products that confirm positive and long-lasting results and our shelves are stocked with L’Oreal creations that are loved all over.



Kerastrase is known to many as the ultimate luxury in hair grooming and hair styling. With this hair care line, we promise only the best and beautiful hair transformation possible today. Deep nourishment, elegant twists and innovation is what our clients are guaranteed when they opt for Kerastrase. We house products for both our male and female customers. Kerastrase is known to have established new standards in professional hair care products distributed through selected salons and Yas Beauty Spa is no exception in this regard.



Redken is famous worldwide to have opted for more of a scientific approach to beauty and have made all the difference needed to promote this sector. Redken 5th Avenue NYC’s innovative hair care and creative styling products are giving women of today contemporary solutions to troubles that have been problematic for decades now. At Yas Beauty Spa we bring to you the entire range from Redken and help you transform your hair for the better.



L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Range is a luxurious men and women grooming line of products. This range is tailored to meet styling needs of men and women of today with hectic ad demanding lifestyles. At Yas Beauty Spa we understand the new emerging and confidant individuals busy running the world and Loreal homme tends to needs of the world makers and leaders.