Hottest Nail Colors for Fall 2013

Just like a one-of-a-kind boot or your eye makeup, your nails are a crucial part of your appearance. Often a simple nail color can be the key accessory of your outfit on a special night. However before you can go about selecting a lacquer for your all-important event, you need to know what colors are in trend for Fall – 2013.

Below you will find Yas Beauty Spa’s hand-prepared list of the all the colors you need to look out for this season:

- The hottest color for Fall – 2013 just like last year is still the color GREY. When it comes to dressing up your nails, there are more than just 50 shades to choose from. This fall go for a pale, creamy grey and rock out the season in style.

- INK and MODDY BLUE are the two shades of blue filling the runways. You can also check out Navy Blue, the dark hue is just right for fall without being too harsh. You can opt for an opaque, shimmer-free formula such as Essie ‘After School Boy Blazer’ to start the season with a kick.

- Vamp hues of red including CRIMSON, OXBLOOD and tomato are definitely here to stay. Subtle romantic vibes of a deep cherry polish can be perfectly paired up with cozy fall flannels!

Hottest Nail Colors for Fall 2013 with Yas Beauty Spa in Dubai

- With autumn around the corner, feel free to tag Brown as the new black! Whether you opt for a milky shade or a darker tint, your fall clothing line will fall in sync with shades of CAMEL, TOFFEE, GINGERBREAD and DARK CHOCOLATE.

- ARMY GREEN and or a DARK EMERALD are still going strong after the New York Fashion Week. Try going for a PINE shade and you will find yourself at the heart of any event.

- Rich shades of purple like PLUM, EGGPLANT and RASPBERRY will always have a place on the fall’s color palette. Either infused with shimmer or more of a matte finish both are part of this season’s most in styles.

All the colors you can think of for this season and more are now available at Yas Beauty Spa’s Nail Lounge. Treat your girlfriend on her Birthday or spend a day with yourself and indulge in top-quality lacquer care with Yas Beauty Spa.